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Meter Box Replacements

Thursday, April 20th concluded the system wide meter replacements.  During the last four weeks, while installing the new meters, Rose Hill personnel have either replaced concrete meter boxes or have taken note of where they are in the system for future replacement with plastic meter boxes and lids. Replacing the old concrete boxes with plastic is essential to making sure the new ultrasonic meters can be read by the new AMI reading system. Also, the blue plastic lids make it easier for customers and district personnel to locate the meter pit.

During the next few months, we will continue our effort to get all concrete boxes changed.  Due to the limited space in our trucks, the boxes being removed either have been or will be placed out of the customer’s yard and into the right-of-way for pick-up. Personnel will endeavor to pick up all removed boxes within 48-72 hours. Please note, it is possible, personnel could be called on for more immediate matters and the above-stated time frame will be pushed out.  At most a removed box should not be in the right-of-way for more than a week going forward.  If you feel we have missed removing a concrete box from your area, please call the office at 972-932-3077.

Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding while we work to make these important upgrades.